Gabriele Polverini

Polverini Gabriele (25/02/73). “I knew the music at 8 years taking my first music lessons from a private teacher and then moving immediately, realizing that the attitude of the school was not okay with my hands … and one I took 14 years to sprinkle the old guitar … since then I have not abandoned and soon I started writing my own stuff … I founded the Noinatimale and I made with their first concert in October ’89. A story, the one with Natimale, twenty years … Indeed, in addition to the hundreds and hundreds of concerts around Italy, I can publish 4 cd (“The grass give it to the rabbits” and “Ten years breathing down his neck”) and the last two really important: “UNEXPECTED” is artistically produced by Paul Benvegnù who later moved to a permanent Arezzo and the last “35 YEARS narcotic TI”, a live album with John Sinclair (great American poet and artist septuagenarian), which is sponsored and produced with the collaboration of Print alternative and the boss Marcello Baraghini with which thickens a beautiful friendship. I fall in love too lapsteel the guitar and the studio. In the meantime, keep writing, fund the Leopard Lodge (rock.avant electro-garde), I am called to play with Stephen Cerisoli (Andrea Chimenti, Negrita, Francesco Renga, Irene Fornaciari and guitarist Marco Masini on a permanent basis) in the project of singer-songwriter Lorenzo Salvini, i record the guitar solo on “Journalism” in the disk of Paul Benvegnù, the Kabila, the Frame, the Fake Fags (cover glam seventies) and continue to write … in the oven the new album Natimale collaborations with eminent. “

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