Marco Chianucci

Marco Chianucci (12/10/1980) approaches to music in 6 years, when you start taking violin lessons at the school Coradini of Arezzo, where not only learn the theory and practice, he started playing in the orchestra. Abandoned the violin, plays for about a year, the classical guitar under the guidance of George Albiani, always at the school Coradini. In 1999, once again changing the instrument and began attending lessons bass at the Conservatory of Siena, under the guidance of Andrea Barns, earning his diploma in 2007 and completed in 2010, the Master’s degree. At the same time he enrolled in Siena Jazz where he studied for four years and electric bass Ferruccio Spinetti. In this period he began to make some music groups, such as the Rua de Arezzo Cry (ska band, which he left in 2001), or the Grosseto Night Shift (Bob Marley cover band). With some members of the latter Trio founded the first Reggae and Surroundings and Whiskey & Pinstripe then, the band with which he performs today. In addition to these there are also jazz bands which occasionally joins and with whom he plays in and around local festivals. From 2004 he started playing in some symphony orchestras in Tuscany, as a first bass and double bass in a row, performing many of the classical symphony and opera in various Italian theaters and squares, having the fortune of playing with artists such as Andrea Lucchesini , Daniel Rivera and Bruno Canino. In December 2011, he was contacted by Kabila and, fascinated by the project, decides to become part of their adventure, convinced that he can also bring your luggage in their music.

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