Adriano Checcacci

Adriano “Nano” Checcacci Adriano “Nano” Checcacci (Arezzo 9/12/1973) plays drums, percussion and electronic percussion with Kabila, Massimo Giuntini and Raffaello Simeoni, Multiethnic Orchestra of Arezzo, Leopard Lodge, Mantraturbato, Fake Fags, Zlatan drawers & the Final countdowns. Born in Arezzo in 1973 by a family Casentino. Sign in January 1988 in the Group Musici Giostra del Saracino, one of the most important groups of musicians in medieval costume of Italy, beginning his relationship with the percussion instruments, the Group has gone through over the years, Italy and the ‘ Europe: the many memorable performances in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Hungary. After having played in some important bands in the live music scene Arezzo, founded in 1994, Mantra and ushering them to the change of training leading to MANTRATURBATO in 2000. In 2003 he released the CD “The Spirits of Late Night” Mantraturbato of which was received warmly by critics and audiences. In 2004 he joined the project BANDAIMPROVVISA, with whom he also works on projects to meet with musicians and actors such as Carlo Monni and Alessandro Benvenuti. With Bandaimprovvisa has produced several CDs and DVDs, including the live “Welcome … sudden!” And full text of “History of a Civil Servant” of Fabrizio de André. Also in 2004, participated in some tour dates “Small Film fragile”, winner of the MEI, PAUL of BENVEGNU ‘. In 2005 he participated in the creation of the Homeless LIGHT HENRY FINK Orchestra, with which he performs a repertoire that blends tradition and the mystical-religious Jewish klezmer. In 2007 he participated at birth ORCHESTRA MULTIETHNIC ARETINA, the musical ensemble that fuses the musical traditions of the Mediterranean and beyond. In 2008 he founded the Leopard Lodge, a band in which they mix electronic music and rock, with some friends and musicians. In the same year he performed at the International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam with Enrico Fink and the Homeless and began working with Andrea Chimenti, one of the most important Italian composers and musicians. In 2009 starts the fruitful collaboration with Kabila (world music) and IA (electro-pop), as well as working with old friends to live We Born Evil and Mallera Blues Band. In 2010 released the CD “In addition we” of Kabila, and produced by Massimo Giuntini and collaboration with, among others, Francesco Moneti (Modena City Ramblers), Raffaello Simeoni, Stratos Diamantidis (X-Darawish). Since 2010, participates for the first time in two cover bands: the Final countdowns (music group trash) and Fake Fags (cover of ’70s English glam). In 2011 he began collaborating in the newly-born band Massimo Giuntini and Raffaello Simeoni, with which debuts in Sempione Park in Milan on October 30. She participated in theatrical performances with Alessandro Benvenuti, Sudden Banda, Henry Fink, Marisa Mantovani, Noidellescarpediverse, Francesco Niccolini.

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