Cristiano Rossi

Cristiano Rossi Cristiano Rossi (Arezzo 09/17/1974) begins to be interested in the guitar around the age of fourteen. He studied classical guitar and music theory privately to take the exam for the fifth year of the conservatory. Extremely versatile in style as in the use of classic sounds, over the years has honed an executive capacity with the electric guitar which are affected by the music of the 70s, which is an estimator. He played in Multiculti, Arezzo latin-rock band, with whom he started a wonderful human experience and music with Marco Patrussi, with whom he shared the transformation of the Tribe in the Revolution and, finally, in Kabila, until his tragic death in January 2009. Within the band also has an organizational role with regard to the technological aspects of productions and performances. He loves Italian music, Latin and reggae in recent years has moved much closer to world music. In Kabila plays acoustic guitars, classical, electric, the oud (the Arabic lute) and saz (turkish lute).

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