Emad Shuman

Emad Shuman Emad Shuman (Freetown 9/11/1964) was born in Sierra Leone, in the heart of Africa, but its origins are Lebanese. She started singing at the age of three years in the bus that takes him to kindergarten. Before you arrive and settle in Italy spends periods in many countries, modeling his life on travel and travel. He loves music, reading and cinema which is a huge fan. She sings in “Tribe Revolution” from 1998, and thereafter, in Kabila, along with Mirko, Christian and Mark Patrussi. In 2007, he founded with his friends Muauia (Syrian) and Motaz (Palestinian) group “Bidaaya” along with 3 Italian musicians, playing traditional Arab songs in rhythm and blues, jazz, salsa. The group broke up after almost 2 years of activity for the various commitments of its members. And ‘one of the singers of Arezzo Multiethnic Orchestra since 2008. Its strength is the stage on which he can make the best of themselves through the energy, charisma and a desire to interact with the audience that sets it apart from the vocalist only interested in the success of songs and discipline in carrying live voice . Knows four languages ​​that add richness to the expressive repertoire of songs.