Mirko Speranzi

Mirko SperanziMirko Speranzi (26/02/1974 Arezzo), stage name of Mirko P. Esse, as a child approaches the music with a keyboard toy donated by parents. He began composing songs at the age of thirteen years and learned to strum the guitar with the same Cristiano of whom is a friend since high school. He studied piano and music theory privately for 5 years and played in several local bands as well as serving as a keyboardist, often as a composer of lyrics and music. Author and prolific composer, loves to experiment and explore new musical solutions. He has recorded its own demo in 2001 and won the nomination “Art Competition Piero della Francesca – the section song” with the song “… And thanks again.” In 2007 he collaborated with composer and classical guitarist Marco Duranti Willam in writing and in the arrangement of instrumental pieces for the American market of soundtracks.

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